Schaeffler’s mounting service offers professional mounting and dismounting services for rolling bearings. Our mounting personnel are trained specialists who provide reliable, rapid, and competent assistance. They have acquired in-depth knowledge and many years of experience in all sectors of industry and application scenarios. The services are provided quickly and reliably worldwide: Either at the customer's location or in Schaeffler’s workshop facilities.

Schaeffler Virtual Fitter

We have a worldwide reputation for providing professional mounting services for rolling bearings. This service is now also available digitally and around the clock under the name Schaeffler Virtual Fitter. We use augmented reality (AR) technology for this purpose. 

Remote mounting service – simple and fast

Now you’re probably asking yourself, how does this work? It’s quite simple, actually. If necessary, Schaeffler will immediately send you AR glasses as a rental device. You wear these during the machine check while a Schaeffler fitter is connected via a secure data connection. The live transmission of photos and videos provides him or her with a comprehensive picture of the machine status. Together with you and, if need be, a Schaeffler expert on site, the mounting work agreed upon in advance is carried out with our guidance. All steps are documented and transmitted to you thereafter.

Save time and money – cost reductions of up to 50 percent 

Our remote mounting service is usually available more quickly than an on-site Schaeffler expert would be, who would have to travel there in person. Plus, this time advantage saves hard cash because travel and personnel expenses are reduced and, in many cases, the costs associated with machine downtime are lower too. “Compared to on-site service, our customers save up to 50 percent of costs by using the remote service. In addition, the expert instructions also transfer know-how to the customer,” says Reinhold Daft, Head of Mounting Services at Schaeffler. 

Here’s how it works – using the Virtual Fitter is straightforward

When you request a mounting service from us, you will now receive two quotes that will allow you to compare the costs of a personal service call on site with the remote mounting service. Before the actual service takes place, we will discuss all aspects that are essential for the smooth and successful implementation of the work to be performed. Among other things, we will clarify whether and which special tools are required. Incidentally, we can usually provide these on loan as well.

Schaeffler Virtual Fitter 
Schaeffler Virtual Fitter - We support you live during assembly work without being on site in person

 Schaeffler Virtual Fitter
We see the world through your eyes - Worldwide remote assembly support through virtual reality technology.

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